In the last 20 years the web has turned a lot of traditional brick and mortar institutions topsy turvy. It still continues its relentless march on other traditional businesses.

Today, businesses have reached a stage where it's imperative to have a web presence. From another perspective, starting a business is a lot easier today using technology.

All the technology required to run a small, medium or large business is available as a subscription service. This creates a make, or buy problem for the traditional IT department. Technology and its changes become a nightmare for CIOs.

Technology transcends silos.

IT departments tend to work in silos. The expertise within each team is limited to its own silo. But every team within the IT department is dependent on the other.

  • The server team needs IP Address and DNS entry and is dependent on both
  • The virtualization team depends on networking team
  • Every team is dependent on security and firewall team.

Deploying large projects across the enterprise is always challenging because projects span multiple technology domains and that means silos have to break down.

Your enterprise challenges today.

  • How do you ensure that domain leaders understand the impact and ensure that they do what is necessary to make the project a success?
  • How do you get someone with knowledge and expertise spanning multiple IT domains?

Without this seamless way of thinking, you run the risk of projects get delayed by months or even years.

The rapid development of technology and the shorter cycles of new technology adds a different dimension to the problem.

Technology becomes a nightmare.

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The 4 disruptors of IT that you should be aware of

  • Shorter life times for technology. During the days of the PBX, an installation would last for 10 or 15 years. However with the move the IP Telephony, the life cycle of the solution is now around 5 years, in the software part of the solution.
  • Virtualization. Everything is virtualized: servers, firewall, routers, load balancers, etc. PRIs are replacing SIP Trunks. Expensive MPLS circuits are susbstituted with iWAN solutions. Moving the solutions to Public Cloud like AWS, makes the enterprise more agile.
  • Pay per use. Entire telephony solutions can now be obtained using a pay per use model from the cloud.
  • BYOD is a reality today. It brings huge security challenges.

3 IT challenges that require expert intervention.

  • How does your businesses make the right decision within a dynamically changing technology landscape?
  • How does your businesses decide which technology you should adopt first and which later?
  • How do your pick the technology that fits their budget and brings in maximum return on your investment?

Consltek helps you navigate your IT challenges confidently.

At Consltek, our goal is to help you navigate and make sense of the technology maze. We help you select the right technology that meets your business needs.

We are a group of seasoned technology professionals with proven experience in Enterprise Networking, Unified Communication, Security and Data Center technologies.

We are tuned-in to the development of new technologies. We have extensive deployment experience and can deliver your project in very short time frame.

3 ways Consltek can help you navigate your IT challenges.

  • Get extensive processes and collaterals that can fast track most of the projects
  • Benefit from deep experience that pin points everything that is required for your project to be successful. Get every IT team involved. Outline responsibilities.
  • Put detailed planning and smart execution to work for you. Keep abreast of everything that is impacted and modified for successfully deploying your new technology.

Put Consltek to work.

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