We Heal Your Tech

Consltek serves the IT needs of mid-sized hospitals. So that you can focus on saving lives.

Right in Livermore, Consltek Inc isn't just any Managed Security Services Provider. We're the guardians of healthcare tech—your secret weapon against digital threats.

Our mission? To craft an ironclad barrier of security, empowering healthcare heroes to do what they do best—save lives without worrying about cyber dangers or IT headaches.

Our strategic tie-ups with tech titans cover your security.

Together, we're more than just tech support. We're your peace of mind.

With Consltek, healthcare IT becomes a powerhouse of safety and efficiency. Join us, and let's lead the charge towards a tech-smart, secure healthcare future.

You are better off getting the best IT talent to work on projects

This also means that you would be better off if you put processes that have been perfected over the years to work for you.

It may sound expensive to have top talent do everything, but the net cost of your project will be reduced.

Consltek helps you reduce mistakes, complete your projects on time and cut your costs.

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